she read the signs in her dream

   The first shot I did with Ellie was one of my favorite shoots I ever done, it was just a perfect combination for me of a unique redhead freckled girl with a totally awesome location. I knew I wanted to shoot something with her again, so this is a result. I wanted to concentrate a bit more on portraits this time and the freckles (in my usual setting of flowers, as some obsessions will never change).
    I've been so behind with all my photography for ages now and I'm sorry, I still find it hard to adjust to the adult life (I think I'll pretty much always stay 19). We shot this last summer, so that makes it the longest time it ever took me to release a shoot (that wasn't part of a bigger project, I still have a few shoots like that hidden...).
Model and Styling: Ellie Connor-Phillips 

Beauxoxo AW 15/16

Around Christmas time I shot another lookbook for Beauxoxo, with a background full of nice Christmas lights bokeh.
It's always nice to work with Georgie of Beauxoxo, but this time we had two Georgina's on set!
Our model is lovely Georgina Walker, who after our shoot left miserably rainy London for some hot Australia beaches. Check out Georgina's blog!
You can also watch a behind the scenes video.
How cute is this beret!

Freddy My Love

Over the last year I worked with a lot of bloggers, and one of the people I shot with the most was Freddy. She's just the cutest and I think we have such a similar style, so my photography goes well with her. I followed her youtube channel almost since she started (she grew SO quickly!) and I always thought I'll need to shoot at her at some point. These shots are mostly for her blog, but I'm planning to do something more creative with her in the future as well!
Model and style: Freddy My Love

At least two more blog posts with Freddy coming soon!

A River Flows in Me

Back in the summer I got to meet lovely youtuber Miss Rosie Bea (who might also be the most gorgeous human being ever) and do a little editorial with her. I went to Oxford, to these amazing gardens and had a really nice time shooting. Also Rosie's mum is really awesome and brought some lunch for us to have on a break, so we had a picnic in the middle of all the flowers in the garden (thank you so much!).
The photoshoot came out in Dreamingless magazine's December issue.
Which outfit or pictures are your favorite?

Model: Ms Rosie Bea
Photography, styling: Ailera Stone
Stripped playsuit, floral kimono and long patterned dress is from Sugar and Style.

I'm sorry I was quite absent from my blog and the rest of social media, I will publish a blog post once a week now and planning a big revamp of the blog and it's content. (Let me know what sort of things you'd like to see - more personal posts, more behind the scenes shots, more film pictures?)

You can see the behind the scenes on Rosie's youtube channel.

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